When implementing complex analysis of the global market, AGGIO Co., Ltd. accumulates in its portfolio a wide range of offers from manufacturers of the most reliable products.

AGGIO Co., Ltd. strives to help restore the competitiveness of the global industry by providing enterprises with efficient and high-quality analytics and market research services.

Taking into account the growing needs of customers and the competitiveness of AGGIO Co., Ltd., we also provide valuable insights into market dynamics of various products and services, issuing high-quality analytics reports: exchange analytics, regional reviews, daily analytics, long-term prospects, etc.

All that analytical and planning expertise helps us to provide reliable and effective service of agency trading of various products and services (see the examples below).

The core principles of our business are: responsibility, professionalism and efficiency.
AGGIO Co., Ltd
Company is based in Bangkok, Thailand

We specialize in agency trading of various products and services, providing valuable insights with complex market analytics.
We have gained serious experience in documenting transactions, acquiring permits, passing customs procedures.

Our expertise gives following benefits:

  • We function on global trading platforms
  • Direct contacts and contracts with reliable wholesale suppliers
  • We do tenders and negotiations
  • We supply favourable pricing and flexible shipping terms
    Our company covers agency trading of wide range of products...
    • Electronics & Electrical components
    • Food products
    • Textiles & Clothing
    • Furniture
    • Industrial equipment
    • Machines & Spare parts, oils
    • Medical equipment
    • Household goods & Office supplies

    ...And a chosen selection of services as well !

    We provide valuable insights into products market, by developing and issuing high-quality analytics reports.

    During our research we implement:

    • Exchange analytics, regional reviews, daily analytics, long-term prospects, etc.
    • Consumer market research
    • Detailed analysis of the latest indicators and accounting for wholesale trade and monitoring of stock quotes.
    • Good Support
    • Assistance in delivery, shipment of goods as well as providing quality prognoses for product market

      IT services are the enablers of successful business operations, making them run smoother, faster, and more efficiently.

      Our company provides different IT services:

      • Network solutions
      • IT consulting services
      • The creation of network & support of the new network infrastructure.

      Notably, these IT solutions assist in a vast array of business functions and thereby empower companies to stay agile and adaptive in a quickly changing environment.

        E-mail: info@aggio-thai.com

        305, Rama 2, Soi 38, Bangmod, Jomthong,
        Bangkok, Thailand